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Control Panels

Instrumentation Panel For Pharmaceutical Industries

We offer instrumentation panels for pharmaceutical industries. We take special care while designing, the panels from view of cleaning requirements. We ensure ingress protection from powder & liquids and withstanding the fumigation. We manufacture these pharmaceutical industry instrumentation panels from stainless steel sheets SS 304, SS 316. Moreover, we also use stainless steel fasteners and many times, double door protection is given if the control panel calls for external washing as per GMP (good manufacturing practice).


Instrumentation Panels For Refineries

Instrumentation panels for refineries are generally controlled from single point for end to end processes used in various systems and downstream production lines of refineries. These refinery instrumentation panels are used in lubricants, low temperature distillates and coal tar.

Various kinds of signals (feedbacks) from the entire plant are transferred and communicated to this refinery instrumentation panels which are displayed on the control panel, with the help of annunciators or MIMIC or P.C. monitors and operator gets a glance of entire process.

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